Each of us is called to consciousness. A life of consciousness is one where our being is aligned with our spirit, which facilitates the realisation of our individual and collective potentials. As we effect this integral shift within ourselves, we will naturally manifest leadership in the world. This understanding has been affirmed through my research, diverse life experiences, and working with others for many years in various capacities.

Very recently, I completed a PhD which looked at the role of a lived calling in driving leadership behavior. This research delivered a series of significant insights into the interplay between consciousness and leadership. Prior to undertaking that study, I completed a Bachelor of Laws at the University of Notre Dame (Australia) and a Bachelor of Commerce (Sports Management and Commercial Law) from Curtin University. I have also earned a post-graduate qualification in Business Research, which I use to apply intellectual and academic rigour to my writing and speaking. This formal education along with the hundreds of books that I have read in philosophy, leadership, spirituality and psychology, have informed the writing that I share with you here.

I  live in my hometown of Perth, Western Australia, with my wife and young daughter. My passions are writing, speaking, continuous learning and being an agent for inspired change. My hope is that you are enriched by what I have to offer with these entries, and I am grateful for your presence, not just here, but in this ever-evolving world.